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Sometimes you need to leave them behind

The kids that is.

You may or may not know that I'm working in retail now! I'm a travel consultant with Flight Centre. And what a massive change that is!

We are located in a big shopping centre in Sydney. So many people, so much noise, such a lot of distraction.

The worst (for me) is the kids. Crying, screaming, being naughty and generally being annoying. As kids are.

Before you start hate commenting on me, let me tell you why I think its annoying for me.

1. I'm in the middle of booking your expensive, non-refundable air fare, and if I make a mistake, you might just not be travelling when you thought you were going to be.

2. I'm trying to find out more about your amazing dream holiday, but you can't talk to me because you are trying to pacify the kids, or distract them from being naughty, or trying to stop them from running away.

3. All those other people in the shop? They are either trying to work, or they are here, super excited because they are able to afford the…

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