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When breaking up is hard to do...

We all come to moments in our life when you have to make a hard decision to let go of something or someone. Maybe it’s a friend that just doesn’t have your back anymore, or a job in a business that doesn’t suit you.
Whatever it is, it feels like it’s super painful. When it’s a relationship you’ve had for a while, it’s so hard to contemplate letting go of it. You feel like you want to, no, have to, salvage it because you’ve been a part of it for so long and you really can’t imagine life without it. You actually feel like you can’t live without it or them.
Emotionally, it’s a struggle too. Probably lots of tears involved. Tears could be because you are sad to think of leaving it behind, or frightened to think about what might come next – and it’s always easy to be scared of the unknown. You might even be sad because you know that things won’t ever be the same again and you will miss the happy and fun moments, or the security of knowing the relationship or role inside out.
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