Life is ALWAYS busy

Life is so busy.

No, there is nothing unusual about that. But its the stock standard excuse for everything from why the housework is not done to why you could lose a bit of weight.

I was going to get my knee's done this year. Twice it has been put off. First time, I got sick so they wouldn't operate. Second time, discovered my rotten stinking health fund (HCF) had changed my cover so I was no longer covered. $20k worth of not covered. So have upgraded my cover and will now wait a year (of not being able to walk properly and agonising nights of pain). Thanks heaps HCF.

The doctor recommended I lose weight to recover from the operation easier. Makes sense. Less stress during the operation and reduced recovery time. So now I have to step up (get it?!) and get the right mind set to focus on losing weight.

This was about a week ago, and still haven't discovered the inner thought that is going to be the 'light bulb' moment that changes my outlook on losing weight.

I'm thinking it through at the moment and still using the disgustingly busy work schedule as the excuse, but will keep you posted.

So tired, going to bed now. Good night.


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