Technologically disadvantaged!

I am completely lost, and have been for a few weeks now. My home internet is on the fizz unless I can find a good location in the house, so haven't been able to get on and write, let alone check on Facebook (oooooowww, no FACEBOOK!).

Plus, was late for a meeting at work (as per usual) and dropped my phone when I got out of the car. I picked it up and noticed the screen wasn't broken (big sigh of relief) and ran inside before I was embarrassingly late, but then when I went to turn it on in the meeting and check messages (I know, I shouldn't have but a bit manic like that), and OH NO, there wasn't any information on the screen, just great big colour lines, something like the old end of programming signal you used to see on TV when everyone was going to bed for the night. Like that happens anymore.

So I'm without the handy dandy i-phone which I used for everything. Emails, Facebook, Instragram, Twitter, camera, notes, e-bay and many many more things. I totally did not realise how much I had come to depend on it. And the loaner phone is a HTC. It DOES NOT live up the far superior i-phone, all I can do is phone plus email (work, and of course).

And to have the computer on the blink with no network was just devastating. I tried moving it around position but no luck, so stuck sitting at the kitchen counter which is pretty uncomfortable but when you're desperate you will do anything for a fix.

I've been missing my blog. When I started I was a bit lazy with it, but now I have so many things to write about and not enough internet to do it. But its good to be back today, so hello again. Hope you will be hearing from me again soon, but I'm tired so its good night for now. And wishing for my internet and i-phone back...


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