Is life too busy?

Sadly, its Sunday night (currently enjoying My Kitchen Rules as I type this), and yet another weekend has finished. Work tomorrow, boo hoooooooo!

Saturday morning, I work up in a panic at 8.45am because I had to be at the beauticians for a leg wax at 9.15! Just made it on time. Then, nails to be done, neck massage (so sore) and last but definitely not least, a cuppa and some donuts. A bit of shopping and then home.

Called Mum on the way home, and last minute decision to go to her house for dinner with Dad and my sister (2 hours away). Visit to my other sister first for a bit then, dinner, nice. Coffee and cake and then on our way back home (10pm later).

Next day? bludging around, just washed sheets (because I had to...) and then watched tele all day except for a visit from my neighbour for a hot cross bun fest. YUM!

Life seems boring. Work is busy, and when I'm home I'm lethargic. I only seem to pick up on Sunday afternoon and by then its too late to get anything done. Does that mean that it takes the 2 days to get over the week before? If thats the case, shouldn't I go back to work then on a Tuesday or Wednesday so I can actually be bothered to do anything at home? The list of things to be done is endless.

Does anyone else feel the same as me? I've always worked except for a little bit of time off with the kids (and if you ask me, that doesn't count because you are always working anyway).

Oh well, back to work tomorrow as usual. Have a great week.


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