The toilet dance

Am I the only one who does the toilet dance? Even my kids recognise the dance, and tell me to just hurry up and get into the bathroom! (it has its upside - they always get the groceries out of the car if they see my feet tapping).

My feet start tapping REALLY fast, and then I start wriggling around a lot.  There is a lot of movement back and forth, and if there is a seat available, I run there for a short reprieve. And when I finally get to the bathroom, AAHHHHH. The relief is immense. And then back to work.

Aren't we funny. We put it off to the last minute all the time and then wonder later in life (and sometimes earlier after having a couple of kids) why things aren't so strong downstairs. Its not like you want to be wearing a panty liner all your life.

But for now, doesn't look like things are going to change. I'll still be busting to go as soon as I get home, and watch out if I have to stop on the way!!!


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