Secret Women's Business

Yes, its that time again.

Forests were razed today. There were no endangered species sighted or saved for that matter, but there was definitely a fresh new outlook as a result.

Today I visited the chinese ladies at the local beauty shop, and had my legs waxed. You may be laughing now, but these little horrors were far from little. At last measure, it has been 8 weeks since my last waxation. The hairs were on average 1.2cm each. Multiply that by 2 pretty big legs (even at a half leg measure) and thats a lot of forest to conquer. And that sweet little lady just smiled and kept saying, turn now, turn now, and turn again. 3 bottles of wax, many white cloth strips and a whole slather of oil and things are looking good again.
Yes! there is light at the end of the forest tunnel. Figuratively speaking of course.
This is not a new story. Its just another symptom of a busy life. Work is hectic at the moment with no relief in sight. Home is busy right now, so no break there. Social stuff on for at least the next 3 weeks, and I haven't even washed yet from last week (madly trying to get some stuff washed and dried tonight so I've got something for work tomorrow).

It was Bethany's party on the weekend (more on that tomorrow, too tired to download and write about that tonight) and it was CRAZY! 

But at least one of the undone tasks has been conquered. Well at least for the next 6-8 weeks...


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