In love with Michael Buble

It's official.

I have the best husband in the world. He completely and totally understands how important Michael Buble is in my life, and recognised this with a pair of tickets to his Sydney concerts recently. The tickets were presented with a CD to me on Christmas morning and it was one of the best presents he has ever given me (only following the macbook pro which I am typing on at the moment). And these weren't just any tickets. They were super duper flash ones, right up the front near the stage! hubba hubba!!
We were covered in love hearts from the confetti cannon!
I took Ben with me to the concert (Craig was working) and there were fireworks, funny anecdotes and confetti cannons galore. He was a bit bored in some parts but confessed after that it 'was a pretty good concert mum'. Big words of praise. But now he completely understands why I am compelled to start singing as soon as I hear him, Bethany has given up getting me to shut up and just asks me to sing a little lower! love it.

Why yes, Mr Buble, it certainly is a beautiful day.
It got me to thinking about the concerts I've been to over the years. My very first proper concert was Boy George, and my friend Maryanne and I dressed up as Boy George and took the train into the entertainment centre for the best time of our lives. I loved it, and went to heaps of concerts with my friends after that, like Wham, Split Enz, Simon & Garfunkel, Eurythmics, Midnight Oil, Duran Duran, Europe, The Cure - too many to remember!

And this doesn't count the many Aussie bands at the local club, sneaking in via the chinese restaurant when I was about 15. Really cool bands like Dragon, Eurogliders, Mental as Anything, Cockroaches, Uncanny X Men, Chrissie Amphlett, all the cool Aussie Rock bands who played at the clubs during the 80's. God bless Collin for sneaking us in, and Mum for letting him! Me, Lee and Sherri always had a ball.

I love music, I think it influences and reflects how we are feeling, and I can always self diagnose when things are not good, my radio is not turned on during the trip to work in the morning. But if its a 'beautiful day' then its on full ball and I'm singing along at the top of my lungs. And as a special bonus, I always feel like its my lucky day if I turn the radio on and Michael Buble is singing. Bliss!

But now the kids are growing up, I think there may be many concert chaperoning moments ahead (so far we've had Rhianna and Miley Cyrus, next up is One Direction in Feb), so fingers crossed that they develop some cool taste in music too, like the very lovely Mr Buble.

Thanks Michael for the memories, see you next time you're in town.


  1. What memories you have just brought back. Remember Colin & the ice cream machine? 15 huh?


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