Happy Birthday, sweet 16!

It was Bethany's 16th birthday party a couple of weeks ago, lots of time in planning, but only a short time in actuality.

Thank god its over.

I'm sorry if that offended anyone but wowser, that was the day from hell. But only for me, the kids loved it, and Ben is already planning something the same but better for next year. He wishes!!

It didn't even start on Saturday. During the week, after a late finish at work, I went into the shop to do some shopping ready. I figured if I got all the pantry lines, decorations and paint during the week then it would only be perishables close to the day, so I would be able to fit it all in the fridge! oh the drama of having a birthday party.
Got everything done, and fully intended that I would go hard on Friday night and shop for the meat etc. But I was so tired I told myself I could get it all done tomorrow. You know its going to be a hard time story from here!!

Saturday morning, I got up at 6am, and while everyone was still in bed cosy comfy and snoring, I was a) unstacking the dishwasher b) cleaning up lounge room c) sorting all the party stuff into organised piles d) having coffee e) making up bed f) making grocery lists g) checking Facebook h) having another coffee i) cleaning out old food in fridge to make way for new. Then I was ready to go off and get the shopping done.

Don't worry, I left lists behind telling everyone exactly what they were responsible for. And good on them, it was mostly all done by the time I got back, stuffed and already over it all. 

Ben was being painful while I was at the shops, so he was banned from the party and designated to his room for the duration. Soz, but better in his room than cranky and annoying at the party.

Kids arrived, were fed (delicious taco bar and burger bar, then finished off with ice-cream sundae bar followed by popcorn, lollipops and a movie). 

But the paint was the main attraction. There was a lot of screaming and running and they were off and spraying each other with loads and loads of paint in many forms - sauce bottles, water pistols, silly string and party poppers. That's a lot of ammunition!
Cousins, Chloe, Emma and Bethany. All paint splattered.
Silly me, I hadn't thought it through properly. There were around 20 wet and painty girls in our backyard (and one boy) and all of them were cold and gloomy and wanted to get our of their wet paint shirts. Sorry, but no way were they coming in my house.
yes, it looked like a lot of fun from the sidelines.
After a clean up in the laundry everyone was warm and in the back room watching (what else) Frozen and singing their little hearts out. Bless!

everyone loves birthday cake!
Finally everyone went home. Presents were exclaimed over, last coffees had and thank god for mum who cleaned and mopped before she left. Still some cleaning to be done but enough to cope with. She is an absolute legend, my mum.

So relieved, last party now for a year. Perhaps next years will be held somewhere else...


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