Life at Easter

Today is Good Friday. We are not church-goers, so today meant a good sleep in and lazing around watching TV all day and eating junk. I had to tell the kids not to eat meat, they are still not sure why but sucked it up and think its something to do with Jesus and Easter. Suppose they get the general drift.

Today has been lazy but just been in to see our friend and neighbour in hospital, she has just had a sweet little baby boy named Riley. The kids loved the baby and both had a turn nursing him. They asked me to have another one, they would love having a baby around. Beth even said she wouldn't mind the crying which is pretty generous of her, she hates the fuss. Ben loves babies and was feeling a bit shy but when she comes home he will love seeing the baby.

Tomorrow we are off to see the Harry Potter exhibition at the Sydney Powerhouse Museum. Its supposed to be fantastic, everyone has been raving about it. The kids want to see one of the stars from the movie, and I don't want to disappoint them so I let them think it could be possible. Think it may have only just been when it first opened that the stars came to town, I seen Neville Longbottom and the Weasley twins in the news. I think we are going to have a great time, only downside is that we are going for the 9am session, boo hoo to the early start...

On Sunday, plans are for the Easter Show. The biggest money splurge of the year. Costs a bomb, and you always bring home a load of show bags full of junk and lollies just before the kids get a heap of chocolate eggs and easter presents. Why???!!!!! Because we are suckers for the comforting nostalgia of the easter show, and fondly remember going through all the animal pavilions (smelly waste of time), the baby animal nursery (still cute its true, but massive line up a turn off), the education pavilion (?? just a lot of junk) and the show bag pavilion - truly the place where you get over excited by the smell and sight of all the bags till you have to lug them around the show all day because you were stupid enough to buy them early just in case they sold out. But you know that you will still have a good day anyway! Bring on the freshly squeezed lemon drink and the cheese-on-a-stick, yum.

Then its only Monday left for the break (where did the weekend go?!). Was going to wash and clean on Friday so Monday was all mine and maybe have some time for work catch up but couldn't be bothered so looks like Monday it is, bummer. Doesn't matter, can still have a sleep in on Monday anyway.

Have been feeling sick now for a week, so might have a  cup of tea, some painkillers and watch the glee marathon for a while before going to sleep, Ben looks like he is going to stay the night with me. Love this, so glad he still loves to sleep in with Mummy! Bye.


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