Single Mum Weekend

This was the best weekend, its just a shame its not longer.

Craig and the kids have gone away. They left on Wednesday and I didn't want to ask for holidays so they went (very happily!) without me. That was a bit sad and annoying, I wanted them to be a bit sadder that I wasn't coming along. Oh well. They went to the snows, and pics on Facebook show they are having a great time. Not that they ring and tell me.

I went to bed late both nights, and then slept in till after 9am which is a big deal. Lazed around drinking cuppas and reading till around lunchtime, then headed off to the shops for some shopping and lunch (both days mind you). Now back at home with reading and cuppas again.

I fluffed around pretending to wash. Don't suppose it matters, its school holidays so nobodies desperate for their school clothes tomorrow morning.

They'll be home soon. Noisy and messy. Bummer.

Super busy at work, no change there. I really should spend a couple of hours working now, but you know what. Can't be bothered. Its nice not to have to think about work on the weekend, especially because its so full on during the week.

I've made a nice chicken soup in the slow cooker for the family, and if I feel like, will make some nice savoury scones to go with it. But there is floaties in the top of the soup. Is this normal? I used fresh chicken breast so maybe its just the protein. Happens to me every time I use fresh chicken.

Speaking of chicken, have become a convert to all things chicken. Chicken mince, chicken sausages, chicken burgers etc. Already only ordered chicken from the Chinese menu, but have seriously dwindles back on red meat meals. Like chicken so much more. Interesting trend, wonder if other mums are doing the same.

I have started reading The Fifty Shades trilogy. In my defence, I bought it because I had heard it mentioned a lot in the media but didn't realise I was getting mummy porn. Its actually not as bad as some of the Mills & Boons books, LOL.

So much to do, so little inclination to do it. no change....


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