A single mother, with 2 children

Craigie boy is away at the moment, so I 'm living the single mother life. Funny how that when he is away, the house stays clean all the time. The kitchen counter AND the coffee table both are tidy with no cups or dishes sitting on them, and there isn't a stack of clothes sitting on the backs of chairs. hhmmmm, think this says something.

We're going on another cruise this weekend. We'll attempt to pack bags tomorrow night, after Bethany takes the washing off the line, sorts it and puts it away - hopefully (have been asking her to do this for a few days now but I live in hope for tomorrow). Then we can just relax and take it easy on Saturday, nice! We are going to the south pacific again, its our 4th cruise. We love going, people say they are for oldies but we are still loving it. Only thing I'd say is it would be nice to go to new places. Perhaps Fiji or Asia? How great would that be. Only better place to cruise would be Carribean, I am definitely going to do that one day.

I am NOT taking heaps of things on this holiday, its only a week and we always over pack. It will be nice to just laze around and take it easy. Will probably not even worry about shore tours! I know, its sacrilege. 

The kids are taking a week off school to go on the cruise, lucky little bludgers. And Bethany had her exams this week so she didn't miss out on them, I think she was hoping but unlucky.

I work to go on holidays. I am definitely not someone who saves them all, I love to take holidays and do stuff. It would actually be nice to have a stay at home holiday for once but I just don't have enough leave, haha. Cannot understand why you wouldn't want to take them. My lucky family goes on double the holidays I have, Craigie boy takes them away without me every holidays camping because he gets more leave than me, lucky dog.

Ben has a sore neck at the moment, poor thing. Woke up this morning to him crying and laying on the ground. I ran in not knowing what was going on, and when he told me I had to help him up. He was swimming a couple of weeks ago with a friend who got on his shoulders and its been sore since. He was well enough to watch tele so don't think its major, but he probably needs a remedial massage. Perhaps on the weekend if we have time between waxing etc ready for cruising. Don't think he will let anyone ride on his shoulders again. Its one of those things that you don't think of but give them the talk about afterwards.

Time for bed, work tomorrow. How nice to have the day off today, wish I could tomorrow too but lots to do!


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