Why advertise if you can't supply?

Today I am angry.

Aldi advertised an android tablet for $99. But after going to 5 stores to see if I could get one, I was told that they had sold out within minutes of the store opening.

I think this SUCKS. Because I work I'm never in the running for the specials unless they are the second rate stuff available still in the afternoon. This is so unfair, why discriminate against me because I can't get the time off work to be waiting at the store in the morning? And its still being promoted on the website!!!!!

While I'm on the subject of having a whinge, I came home today to be told that our traditional Christmas day is no more and to expect everyone the weekend before. You know what? This just doesn't suit me, thanks. Craigs gran died this year. She loved the traditional Christmas, you know the one. Hot lunch consisting of 7 veg, 5 meat, homemade stuffing and then home made pudding with hard sauce, brandy sauce, cream and custard. YUM! and then a sleep afterwards to recover.

But because of everything going on, its been disbanded this year. What am I supposed to do on Christmas day now? Spend it with my in-laws? Would be very boring. Sad to lose the tradition. 

And the puppy poohed inside.

Hasn't been a good one.

On the upside, I was given an ice-cream at a business meeting today, think this should be the new trend. And Craig made me vegemite toast.

Thats all for today. Can't pretend to be cheery so will go to bed.


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