Lazy school holidays

Happy Friday!

Tonight we are watching Harry Potter 2 - Chamber of Secrets. In our house, we love Harry. Its been on every night for the last couple of weeks, and I'm hoping its going to end up showing the last one. We've seen them all over 10 times each, but still bring it back every so often, a classic favourite for us (at the moment, he is speaking in parseltongue during the duel, you know what part I mean).

We also like other series, and watch them over and over. Like the Indiana Jones series and Back to the Future, plus others like Iron Man and Transformers. Mostly its me and my son Ben but Craig gets involved too.

Bethany will always get sucked into watching the tweenie movies with me that we (mostly me, deprived childhood), like Cinderella Story, Ella Enchanted, Suddenly 30, Josie and the Pussycats and other girly movies like them. Ben will drift in but doesn't get into them as much.

We love to lay around and watch movies or TV. I blame it on full time work but the truth is we are pretty lazy! Lucky the kids are more grown up, they don't need as much effort because they can do everything for themselves.

Best place ever to watch the movies is in my bed, cozy under the covers, with a cup of tea courtesy of Ben. I can still persuade him to come and lay with me, and if Craig is working, he will still sleep with me. Don't think this will last much longer so take advantage of it and enjoy while he is still young enough to want to do this.

Uh oh, Fawkes has just burnt up! Don't worry, its what Phoenix's do. It drives Bethany crazy that we can quote from the HP movies, but I know she can too, and will do it when it suits our madame. Wingardium Levioooosa!

Bethany is away at camp for the school holidays. She is growing up quickly. She is at a teen camp with the church and having a ball. I get a very brief phone call each night (she missed one night but a text came through, what do you do) to tell me she is having a great time, food is good and lots of giggling so I think there may be friends nearby.... Missing her, but know that when she gets back she will be lovely at first and then very quickly back to her obnoxious teenage self. 

Ben went to my friends house for a few days to go to a church day camp. He told me it was BRILLIANT! He loves to visit with them because they offer him a sleep over, and they get to play on the computer a lot. Carmen is also a great cook, so he is pretty happy about that too. He thinks of her as his aunty, and she is right up there on the list. She has 3 boys, one nearly his age and they get along gangbusters which is is so cool, lucky boy. When I go to pick him up he is very sad to have to come home, but I love having him back, I miss him very much when he is gone.

The rest of the holidays will be spent as usual. Laying on the lounge with blankets and pillows watching TV & movies, getting up every so often for food and to go to the toilet. Ben will be in the lounge room, Beth in the back one. Every single piece of potential junk food in the house will be eaten (and packets left on the coffee table or on the flow 


  1. Aren't you the sneaky one! You didn't mention you have a blog too! Bahaha, Maddy hates it when I quote from movies, Lion King and Toy Story are my worst

    1. Nothing as good as yours! Just a nice way to write stuff down. Love the movie quotes! Have a friend that can quote from so many movies, always ends in a laugh.


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