Craig's cooking dinner!

Another day at work while hubby is at home (to be fair, he works shift work so our days are often different). He cooked dinner which was nice to come home to, and there was a delish looking bowl of spaghetti waiting on the kitchen bench for me!

But then I tasted some before I popped it in the microwave (as you do) and nearly killed my tongue from all the garlic - burnt tongue! yuck, what a disappointment (total understatement). He told me later he had used 2 big spoons of garlic plus an assortment of sauces - what the! what WAS he thinking.

I went to bed with a Dare ice coffee (thank god for the 2for1 deal at the servo when I filled up during the week) and a packet of Jelly Bellys. Guess it was a win win for me after all, LOL.

Actually, except for his experimental phases, he is a pretty good cook. He can put his hand to most things, and the kids love it when they get to help chop the veggies for a stir fry. What he isn't so good at is the clean up. I am anally obsessive about doing the clean up as I go. I have a plastic bag looped over the tap ready for all my rubbish, and the dishwasher empty and ready for duty. And I have taught the kids to work like this as well. I think having to come home to a mess takes away the pleasure of having dinner made for you. Would rather a piece of toast with tomato on it instead, thanks!

My kids are not really into cooking for themselves. They will do themselves the odd scrambled egg in the microwave or microwave rice with tuna & corn (I think the microwave  missed its first target audience but has found a resurgence with the Gen Y crowd). Its a shame, I'd love for them to get involved and cook a meal once a week but its hard enough having to nag to get them to do the dishwasher or take the rubbish out, so not really pushing it too hard.

So when it comes to tidy cooking and normal meals, its definitely my territory. Nothing fancy but the plates get cleaned. And no one in my family can beat me for a sweet treat, and the neighbours love them too.

Sorry Craigie, this one was a bit of miss so don't give up your day job, and don't expect a call back from MKR. Just saying'...

Who is the best cook in your house? if you can be impartial!


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