School Holidays - no break from activities!

Good evening!

Its week 2 of the school holidays and we haven't had a break yet! Not that I would get one anyway, I work. But its a bit of a tough gig with all the running around after the kids!

Week one.
Ben spent the week with a friend who let him have a sleep over, and took him to day camp at the church. What a legend! Drop off Monday, pick up Thursday and got dinner made for me. Can't complaint about this kind of service!

Beth went to church camp as well, had to be dropped off on Wed am, and then picked up on Sat afternoon. Very tired but extremely happy girl was picked up Saturday afternoon, loved loved loved! camp. Made lots of new friends but left behind brand new reading glasses. Expensive camp.

Week two.
Silly me thought this would be the bludge week. Kids would be laying around watching TV all week, eating me out of house and home. So far, Monday night, dropped off Bett at physie. Anyone remember what physie is? Its physical culture, girls march around and do dance moves to music in teams. Its new in our house, and Bett seems to love it. I thought they were pretty serious at dancing, but they look like amateurs next to the physie bunch. Classes even go on during the holidays, and they put extra ones on! Plus there are 5 events in my Facebook calendar! Feel pretty popular, haven't had an event of my own for ages! But no pressure! Although had a chat with the nice lady at physie tonight and she said pick and choose, no need to attend them all if you don't want. So now Bett is resigned to practicing her moves for the rest of the holidays to be ready for the first one.

Next, Bett announces she wants to go to the movies with the girly peeps later in the week. Its about an hour away so not sure yet what unsuspecting mum has volunteered for this one. Dads working, Mums working, could be a Grandma drop off.

Ben has had another invite to come play with the kids at my friends house. Wouldn't even think of saying no, he's just starting to get into socialising, and don't want to discourage that!

So tired. You'd think it would be my rest time, because when school term starts its going to be running around again with some late nights, but no, selfish kids want to go and have fun in the holidays. And let me qualify when I say rest time, I mean AFTER work. Still have to put in the big days, just have to put in the nights too. 

Do you think its mean of me to expect a clean house when I get home? I mean, I run around after them, would it kill the kids to do a quick run around tidy up (kitchen, lounge and back room plus out washing in laundry) before I get home from work? Its not like I'm asking them to make dinner, right? Although that would be pretty handy too...

Thank goodness they are back to school next week. *yawn*


  1. lol. Ring the kids up before you leave from work and say what you want done, when you get home if its not done do not take them anywhere. I am sure the next time you ring they will listen.


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