The predictable back to school post!

This was a big year as new school year's go. Its Ben's first year in high school, and Bethany is now a high school senior. So I was expecting big things.

We turned up dutifully for high school orientation last year along with the other mums and year 6 kids. Unlucky Ben, first things people said to him were 'do you have a sister here named Bethany, you look so much alike!' (bahahahaha) and "are you really only in year 6? you're heaps taller than me'. Story of his life from now on, I think.

So I'm thinking, 1) anything that Ben gets up to is going to be reported straight back to his senior school sister. There is a seniority level here, and I am positive the other kids will be happy to share with her. Watch out Ben if madame finds out you have been in trouble, you will be in for a telling off in front of your friends. 2) There will be no privacy for Ben this year, after enjoying the freedom of a Bethany-free primary school. Between the giveaway look-alike-looks and the lack of privacy to get on with being a nerd with his mates, his high school social life looks like it will be restricted until Bethany has finished year 12. Perhaps a good thing.

Bethany has started year 11, the beginning of end of her school life (sob). Well, only another 2 years to go. Besides the perks of a crisp white shirt and different tartan skirt to the rest of the junior school, there is also the responsibility of deciding what she will do when she grows up (oxymoron, I know). When homework starts it will be the end of the social excursions she has been enjoying, plus she will be doing a couple of TAFE courses this year. Doesn't matter baby, still some time to enjoy your youth but would love to see a little more application this year.

It would have been nice to know how the first week went. Conversations went a little like this. 

Son: 'How was your day?' Good. 'Who did you hang out with?' friends. 'What was your favourite class?' None. Oooookay.

Daughter: 'How was your day?' It was so great mum, I seen my friends and they said, is that Bethany? No, it can't be Bethany, OMG, yes its Bethany! We love your hair Bethany! And its so great to see you! etc etc. She's a great conversationalist my daughter, lucky lucky me.

It feels like only yesterday I was packing them both up for Kindy. Bethany was only 4 (what was I thinking?!) and went off like a dream. Lots of friends, loved school and thrived. Ben at 5, different story. Was a good boy in leaving us for the first few days but was not a fan of school, and was suspended within the first term. And that has set the pattern for school life ever since. 

Its really nice to know that they are at school together, catching the bus, walking home and being a support for each other if times get tough. I hope they are smart enough to leave each other alone unless they need to bring in the big gun support. Its only early days, but things are going well. Bring on 2014, its going to be a great year!


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