Coming to Australia!

In around 6 weeks, we will be having an exchange student coming to stay with us, all the way from California, USA.

Bethany won a place in the Hawkesbury Sister City exchange student program. She'll be visiting USA later this year, but in the meantime the students from America and Japan will be coming to Australia first for 4 weeks, and then when its Beth's time, she will go visit the same families over in America.
Temple City, think this might be a main street.
Temple City, they hold concerts in the park.
We've had our house visit from the people running the program. We went crazy running around making sure house was immaculate, and they didn't even want to look around! There have been meetings every few weeks on Monday night for the kids to get to know each other, and for them to learn about etiquette, expected behaviours and how to manage themselves in certain situations, like for example, if they get sick or want to call home.

Its been a lot of fun. There have been speeches and presentations to prepare, getting to know the Australian kids she will be traveling with plus already meeting the American kids through Facebook. Once we know who our exchange student will be, we can get to know them and their family via social media and Skype! I've already warned Ben he has to be on his best behaviour!

If you had a visitor from another country staying, what kinds of things would you be doing? Both Craig and I have to work, so it will have to be weekends, but the kids are super well organised by the program with lots of cool stuff planned during the week so that should be fine. Things like walking across the harbour bridge, Featherdale, bush dances, Blue Mountains etc. But it still leaves heaps of scope for other fun Aussie stuff.

We'd love to take them to our farm, Bethany is crying over this (BORING) but I think they would leave the peacefulness and all the animals!
This is the farm. Aahhhh, how's the serenity.
Another good one would be a weekend away at The Entrance, camping. We love to do this, and its the bogan version of Bondi.
One of our favourite holiday spots, Toowoon Bay on the Central Coast
How about a vist to Bilpin and the Apple Bar? or a picnic at a local park with friends. Even a BBQ with family and friends. There's the Sydney Explorer hop on/hop off bus. Loads of fun things we can do, and it will be good to do them with someone who has never seen them before.

What things would you suggest for us? Would love ideas, we're in planning stages.

We've just had a call tonight as well, could we take a second student?! What? They are short of families wanting to take students in from the program, so they need to place another 2 students, and could we take another one? 

Plus, we've got the room, it would be fun to have them around, they will be well taken care of by the program during the week.

Downside, the noise at home which we're not used to and the crowd, not being able to fit them all in one car, extra expense (not too big a deal but there it is).

What would you do? I think if they don't have a place, we should help out. Will talk to the kids and Craig tonight and see what they all think, and what we could organise.

But who cares about the detail, we've got a visitor coming from our favourite place ever, USA! God bless America.


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