Socially acceptable? I like to think so.

I read an interesting article on Mamamia today about Chrissy Swan. Someone had dropped her as a friend on Facebook, and she was NOT happy.

I had a bit of internal laughter (not out loud, don't want people to think I'm a bit cuckoo), and thought to myself how true it is. Disclaimer, not that I was laughing at Chrissy in any way because what happened to her wasn't that nice.

In a somewhat related field, this is the exciting moment I hit 200 followers on twitter (now over 1000!) but its still social media isn't it?!
It's one of those sensitive topics isn't it, the white elephant in the room you aren't supposed to refer to. Especially if it someone from work who has given you the flick, someone you work with everyday. You know, the conversations like, Oh yeah, I've got a great contact for that, I'll just post it to you on Facebook. But then you can't find them and when you type it in your friends list THEY ARE NOT THERE! Totes awkward.

I'm a little oblivious. I don't always notice that you've dropped me like a hot potato. The deed could have been done ages ago, and I didn't realise (sorry if you were looking for a MOD - moment of drama). Until there is a reason specifically for me to hook up with you, or unless whatever your problem is has gone public, I probably wouldn't even be looking for you, or notice that you had dropped off the face of, well, Facebook. I may even have (SHOCK HORROR) muted your conversations!

I've even had friends who have turned into ex-friends on Facebook turn up again with another friend request. And yes, I very graciously accepted you back into the fold. Mostly because I like you a lot.

I'm guilty of the platitudes - its ok, they are entitled to privacy or how about this one - they are probably looking to hang with a younger crowd and I'm totes boring. Yes, justifying why you have given me the social kiss of death.

So next time you are considering dropping me off the list, give me a bit of warning so I can step up to the plate and be a better social media friend. I solemnly vow to post something with a tag about you, and not to be too obvious about stalking you by liking everything you post. Because really, I'm here on social media to be liked. Its just as hurtful losing friends in cyber space as it is in the real world. #buildingaudience #cantloseasingleone #pleasedontleaveme

Just so you can have the context, this is the article that inspired this post.


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