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You may have seen my gratitude posts recently. This is a part of some business coaching I am having at the moment. Yes, lucky me, I have been working with a lovely lady who is helping me understand myself better and learn how I can be better in my business role but also in my personal life.

These sessions started with setting some goals, then getting an understanding of my energy levels, and finished with a Myer-briggs personality test (INFJ). If you haven't done a personality test before, I would definitely recommend this. Its an eye opener to understanding yourself and looking at why you might need to recharge your energy levels in different ways. For example, an I is an introvert (thats me) and needs to recharge away from people. I'm on the go with people all day at work, so when I get home I like some quiet alone time to get a boost and clam down. This is one I found on the internet and it only takes around 5 minutes - don't overthink it!

Some of the discussions I have with the coach are a little confrontational for me. She asked me last visit to list all the things I like about myself. I came up with a few and then we started talking and she added more. Its hard for me to accept a compliment so it was a bit weird but I guess thats the point. The other thing we done was talk about the things I am grateful for, as a result of a negative reaction I had to a business situation. She asked me what I learnt from the situation, what I was grateful for, and talking it out gave me a lot of context and helped me to move on to a better place about it. But she decided I needed practice so every day I have to write the 3 things I have learnt about or and grateful for. Its starting to lag just a little so will have to pump up and get on with it.

Last week we were lucky enough to hear from a speaker about goal setting, and being forward focused on what we want to achieve from life. The speaker used a paper based system, writing down the goals weekly for positive reinforcement which was good, but what I really liked about this guy was his down to earth passion.  He is only a young guy, but the commitment level was super high, and he was so enthusiastic about this it was so inspiring. It helps that he is a personal trainer - focused on end results. 

Next on my personal coaching journey was an email that landed in my inbox from a favourite blogger of mine, A Life Less Frantic. I've been reading her work for a while now, and it just seems to resonate for me. This particular post was about understanding your personality type so you can be the best you can be. She was also talking about her book Your Best Year Yet, so I bought it. I'm loving the motivation that comes with reading these types of books instead of fiction. Will let you know how this goes.

In amongst this was a breakfast invite to the book launch of Kerry Stokes autobiography. What a guy. I knew he was a media mogul but thats about all, and to hear him speak about the various parts of his business and his childhood growing up, or his stages in his business life was so interesting, and they came from a very humble and down to earth kind of guy. I was so impressed, I bought his book both for a friend and one for me. I love reading fiction but would happily settle into reading this one, will keep you posted on this. 2 books to read!

Now every time I read twitter or email alerts I notice that they are things that can help me with the self realisation and personal growth path that I have started on. Everything and everyone looks different, and my expectations from both myself and from others around me is changing. Its coming from a good place so you can only be happy with that, and who doesn't want to be the best person they can be?

And if I just happen to coach you along the way, its because I care about you and want the best for you. Its all from a place of love so don't be offended #winning #love #personalgrowth


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