Goodbye to my MOD's...

Someone told me today that I can choose not to be angry.

WHAT?! Excuse me, but being angry whether sincerely having a fit of temper or just for the hell of it lets me have a significant Moment of Drama (MOD). Yes, thats right, don't judge me. mwahahaha...

I love a MOD. MOD's have been known to include dramatic hand movements, short sharp sounds (best to grab attention) or even on occasion, singing. All of them have the same purpose, to totally create a single moment in time that you can own through your dramatisation of whatever situation is at hand. Its a (sometimes fun) way of emphasising that you are completely right and no other opinions count and even if you are wrong you are right.

All MOD jokes aside, sometimes your defence mechanism of choice can be anger. Its easier to start yelling and get a quick response or action than to keep talking and asking with no result. I do this with the kids, especially when I'm tired and after asking for them to do something with no action, I start getting angry and yelling (and even swearing) which brings the result - they actually do something. But this choice comes in low on the energy scale - I win / You lose.

When we were talking about choosing anger today, my friend told me that by being angry, I'm limiting my opportunity to be the best I can be. Not only that, it can take a physical toil with being tired, getting sick easily and being stressed. Its so draining. So if you think about it like that, why would you waste your best personal resource you have besides time, energy? The person your angry with probably doesn't even care that you have expended energy and stress on them. Or even worse, you could have made them get angry too, and perpetuated the anger-cycle. Kind of like a motor-cycle but without the wheels. She wanted me to think about how I could make better positive choices about how I manage myself, and get the most out of my business life to benefit me personally.

There is no way I am wasting energy and time on assholes (sorry if this is offensive), so I have decided to choose not to be angry. Yes - you know I am an optimist not pessimist so this is probably a natural rationale, but I am going to have to work at it. Less swearing, conscious thinking, and turning eye-roll moments into laughter, not anger.

How do you remind yourself not to do something when you want to start a new habit? I write things down, or put post it notes up. I'm thinking something along the lines of 'Say NO to anger!' as my campaign slogan - catchy!

I think its going to take a lot of work... *sigh*. Saying goodbye to my potty mouth would be even harder, so lets just tackle the anger first. Goodbye #MOD, its been interesting knowing you.

Have a great day tomorrow - happy hump-day :) and great timing, just heard hubby's bike pull up in the driveway!


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