Hello May! Its time to go do some knee shopping.


Its May already, and I haven't posted anything since Feb?! Where did that time go (someone call 000, my life/time has been stolen) and why didn't I record ANY of the cool and not so cool things that happened during that time? So much to do, so little time my friends.

In exactly 8 days, something momentous and life changing will be happening in my normally hum drum la-la-la life. I am having bilateral knee replacement surgery.

I feel so clever and sophisticated even saying, let alone writing down, the word bilateral. It feels clever doesn't it. It means under its veneer of clever and coolness that I am about to be privy to a world of pain (thank you Mr T for your so suitable phrasing). 

Both of my very worn out knees are going to be chopped out and replaced with prosthesis's. Not sure if that is the right spelling, but it means I will be having an operation to turn me into the Bionic Woman. And no-one is going to deprive me of this stupendous title. Mind you, I know have the theme songs wrong because I keep singing 'Wonder Woman!' every time I say Bionic Woman.

Its all been explained to me patiently by the very caring nursing staff and doctor, but there is still a lot of unknowns that will only be uncovered by a visit to the hospital, and just getting started. For example, how much pain is involved (a lot at a minimum apparently), how long it will be till I can stand up (the next day, and to quote the doctor I am paying a lot of money to, 'get up out of bed the day after the operation, and do not lay around in bed being lazy'. Motivational stuff). Or what about getting back behind the wheel, taking a shower on my own or climbing stairs. Its all the little stuff that people worry over. Not so much the scars (my war wounds) or how often I will set off the security machines.

This has been a long time coming. Around 10 years ago I first started suffering from osteo arthritis, and its been all down hill from there. For about the last 5 years, I've been ready for the knee upgrade but because of my age it was seriously recommended to wait and hang it out until times were desperate.
This is the before shot. I'm going to take more before the op, it will be the last time ever I have nice smooth skin on my knees. The kids tell me enjoy it for another week (cruel things).
I've talked about the consequences of the actual operation, but what I don't talk about a lot is the life changing consequences. My top 5 in order of priority are:

1. Can explore and sightsee when travelling overseas. YES!
2. Can walk around the supermarket without a trolley to lean on.
3. Can walk up stairs without having a handrail to support myself
4. Can hang the washing out on the line again - goodbye dryer
5. Can walk again for a distance longer than about 10 metres. 

There are so many more - exercise can be back on the agenda, so can riding a bike or getting up out of a low chair. Life has been so debilitating with limited mobility. I can't wait to own my mobility again, especially while I'm still young enough to use and enjoy it.

You can't live with regrets so I'm not going to. What I can do is be really appreciative of things like - 

1. A great doctor who is super experienced and very empathetic.
2. My ability to get through life for the last 5 years with NO cartilage, and bone grinding on bone with every step.
3. My loving family who always supported me, including holding my hand everywhere we went to support me and help me walk. I love them.

How lucky am I?! I've got a great life, and its only going to get better. Maybe after the first 2-3 weeks anyway.

I'll keep you posted and write some more after the operation. xx

If you've been through this or know someone who has, I would love to hear from you. Wish me luck! #anewkneeme #kneeladywarrior #modernbionicwoman #leglessalternative

PS, still have the song Wonder Woman! running through my head...


  1. Goodluck laurel thinking of you. I know how you feel Aas I too suffer from the same problem but not as bad. Hopefully after the op there wont be too much pain .

  2. If the pain is manageable, I can get through anything. Thanks for the support, I really need and appreciate it. Laurel


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