3 August 2015 - Back to Work

Back to work today! I thought it would be a big shock after being off work for so long, but sadly, it felt pretty natural.

I raced around last night getting everything ready - kids lunches for school, clothes ready and computer/laptop in the car.
all tidied up and ready for work!
I turned up in the office and after (a little bit of) screaming! the lovely ladies organised a nice healthy breakfast, then I set up my laptop, logged on and got to work. No fuss, no problem. We have a catered lunch supplied every Monday so it was nice not to have to worry about this, but to be honest I wasn't very hungry. 

My return to work plan is reduced hours for the first few weeks, and I think I'll need it. After a meeting I ended up leaving at 4pm, and I was tired by the time I got home. Pain not bad except for a little stiff. I went straight to bed, and I've got lovely hot water bottle on my knees. It feels so good.
Here's hoping I get a better sleep than last night (I didn't get to sleep till 4.30am), and will be more disciplined about leaving a little earlier tomorrow!

Isn't it interesting. While you are at home its all about you and your knees - you are so focused on them and your recovery. Back at work, and no-one remembers what it was you were off for - someone asked me today how my holiday had been! Its kind of nice to be with other people and thinking about other things, but I miss the lovely insular knee world I've been living in, and the freedom of going to exercise classes whenever I liked.

Here's hoping for an easy day tomorrow! Laurel


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