Birthday Resolutions (BR)

Have you ever noticed that some of the good things in life only happen once every year? I've never thought about it myself much but its true. Think, Christmas, Easter, Australia Day and the one that's quite personal, our birthday. That makes it a pretty special event. Its strictly limited (hopefully you are a golden ticket winner and will get around 100 of them), its day is non-negotiable (yes, you still have to go to work) and its something you will receive for the rest of your life. So why do we lose the magic of celebrating our birthdays as we get older? Note, this is a generalisation, but if you ask the people that are around you, I think they will agree with this.

It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago, and I might be going against the norm but I had an amazing day. I love birthdays now so much more than I used to. I think there is a birthday happiness gap that happens in the middle of your life, like a roller coaster. You're in hard in the early days because of Presents! Parties! Cake!,  lose some motivation when life gets in the way (no, don't worry about presents), to not telling people that its even your birthday - why are we almost ashamed to own up to them?! and then all of a sudden, BAM birthday happiness is back again! Mine started off as standard, I started the day with a quick snap chat to the peeps, got dressed in something nice and then went to breakfast with a  friend. In to work for flowers, pressies and cake then off to dinner with the fam. And I don't miss out on the present stakes - my present this year was a GO-PRO and everything that goes with it. I can't work out how to use it but doesn't matter, I can still claim the coolness that comes with owning one #ontrend.

But what made it amazing was the introduction of 'The Birthday Resolution'. Kind of like the adult version of the New Years Resolution. This one, you have to take seriously because its all about being a better you. And if you don't achieve that then you have really lost a big opportunity. It can be more than one thing which is actually better, that way you can have long and short term goals. It's the perfect time to reassess your life and decide what you want to change or improve and so easy to remember... Especially because you are generally in such a positive and happy frame of mind on this day of all days.

I'm sharing my birthday resolutions with you. I'm very personal, so this is a big deal in itself. After much conversation and debate (yes, on the morning of my birthday), it was decided by both me and the BR (birthday resolution) instigator (AKA Celeste Moroney), that mine are all revolving around the same thing.


vuhl-ner-uh-buh l] 

1.capable of or susceptible to being wounded or hurt, as by a weapon

Some of the tactics to help me embrace this include a) redoing my own personal year life-plan board using magazines, not computer, and b) talking at ME AFTERWORK ( There were others but I have a terrible memory and they have been the lost in the sands of time.

This was my original 2015 life mood board from January. But I copied and pasted so need to start again.
So if you can help me on this journey, I would appreciate it and take every bit of support I can get. Its going to be tough. I don't even feel like I could use a personal shopper because its too confrontational, just to give you some context. Talk to me about it, and give me ideas.

But the biggest take out on all of this rambling is to take the time once a year to think about you. Make the most of it, think long and hard and make some tough calls. What do you want to achieve - not only this year but the next few too? What kind of person do you want to be? How are you changing or what are you doing to achieve this? Yes, its intense so get your #supportgroup ready, but it could just be the best birthday present you ever give yourself.



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