Summer Holidays at Narooma - 6 Jan 2016

It's day 5 of our long awaited summer camping holiday at Narooma.
Day 1 - set up caravan with minimum fighting and swearing. ‪#‎winning‬
Day 2 - made it to the beach but it's cold, cold water.
Day 3 - it's raining. And windy. And our caravan is starting to leak. We go out but have a fight. ‪#‎fun‬ ‪#‎thinktheneighboursheardme‬
Day 4 - it's not raining but it's gloomy. Sat around the camp grounds all day watching Dance Moms. Kind of winning I guess. ‪#‎boring‬
Day 5 - go up to bread shop for bread but end up with a sausage roll each for breakfast. Winning in the good mum stakes, and great start to the day.‪#‎winningsofar‬
About to go out (yes, still raining) so will have to see how the rest of the day pans out...
Ps, kids eating ice cream bars to follow the sausage rolls. What can I say, camping life.


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