Me After Work - 2016 Reset


Have you ever been involved in self development? Depending on your circle of influence, this could be considered anything from a) brainwashing wishy-washy new age nonsense through to b) practical lessons and tools to help develop your thinking and personal self, with an intuitive twist.

I'm with group b) all the way.

I've been to 2 self development weekends this year with Me Afterwork.

The first one was with my #squad so you would have thought it would be really comfortable and easy - you're with friends, right? 

It wasn't. 

It was so hard to have to look at yourself and really understand and articulate what your purpose is, and then develop this into vision and goals. Then visually articulate this in a vision board. I was so nervous about this I thought I would embarrass myself and start crying. I didn't but it just goes to show how much pressure we put unnecessarily on ourselves.

How often do you stop and reflect if where you are in your life is really where you want to be, and be brave enough to set some big goals if you want change. That's what this weekend was about. But beside the tough stuff, there were amazing speakers, and some really nifty tools that were easy to use. And the absolute best part, a partner who would help you be accountable to yourself for what you want to achieve. Mine was Anna - picked randomly but definitely meant to be. We are #soulmates
This is me and Anna with a much loved work-mate - #davidmurphy

We stop and talk about our goals regularly, and remind ourselves of what we've achieved. Maybe not in the super structured way that some of the other partnerships do, but it seems to work for us. I call it the #fluid method of #accountabilitypartners #iheartanna

It was a truly beautiful location on the South Coast of NSW - Berry. Very country and boutique and I would highly recommend a visit.

When the opportunity came up to attend a second session in June for a reset of 2016, I definitely wanted in. There's still a good 6 months left of this year, and I wanted the pump up you get from being around positive, like minded people. Plus the bonus opportunity, I got to present the vision board session.

I loved this second workshop location. It was magic, an amazing house on acres in Terrigal with an in house chef to prepare all the meals. Cannot explain in words just how great this was, so you will just have to check out the photos.
With some of the posse - Nic and Diana.

How amazing was this pool!

Doing a salsa class? with Miss Rumbi

Second time around, I wasn't as anxious as the first time so it was easier, but my struggle this time was with being clear with my goals. This is so hard to do, but I'm hoping with some help (from Celeste - another part of my #supportteam) and practice, this will be easier. Then the next thing is to review them and make sure you're working towards achieving the goals.

Great location, great group of people, really open and honest discussions plus support from the speakers. It really is a winning formula. Add socialising and great food on top and its money well worth spending on yourself.

One really special moment for me was an opt in that was offered on the second day - the opportunity to meet up with Debbie who is a pyschic. Somehow, she just managed to bring it all together. It was a great tie in for me.

Plus - another accountability partner, Diana. Super organised and motivated! Love it.

If you are thinking about something like this, and wondering if its worth the effort then  I would say YES! When do we invest time and money into ourselves? Family always come first when you're a parent, but as the old saying goes, you need to put your own oxygen mask on first to be able to help others. And this is what the weekend did.

Check out the website or just inbox me with any questions. Would love to be able to share and talk about my experience.

Have you ever done any self development work? Would love to hear about it. Laurel x


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