Life Before Pokemon Go

If you like to keep up with the latest thing, then you will be around level 10+ on Pokemon Go. At a minimum.

Just to be clear, if you’re a fan then you are probably one of those people who are wandering around parks or public places with your phone in your hand, flipping your Pokeball upwards to catch whichever Pokemon is lurking around (usually identified by the many colourful lures) and giving an elated fist pump when that frisky creature is captured. Some, many many Pokeballs, Razz Berry and Great Balls later. Plus, you walk rapidly between Pokestops, aiming to at least get more Pokeballs when the stop has opened up again.

Not only are kids enamoured with this latest craze, but adults are too. There are so many stories of crowd gatherings in parks (the one in Rhodes had local residents pelting the Pokemon Go warriors with water balloons to make them leave), news broadcasts of the hottest places to find Pokemon or even shops using this trend to drive new customers and sales.

Parents are joining the kids in the park where this game, a mix of animation and virtual reality, focuses on people walking around to participate.

So some could say it’s a win in the battle for overcoming lounge-bound console game fanatics – including movement plus introducing the VR elements for a very on trend cool factor.

Yes, you’re still using a console (in this case your phone) and repetitive hand movements will be an RSI issue later in life but surely this is a step forward in the fight against darkened rooms, trolls and general anti social behaviour?

And just to reconfirm that adults are just as obsessed as kids, I will confess a couple of small truths. I’ve been wandering around parks in the middle of the night just to get more Pokeballs at the Pokestop, and have coerced my husband into detouring around the block for the abundance of Pokestops plus made him pull over so I can focus on capturing a particularly feisty Pokemon. I may or may not even bribe the kids to play for me while I’m driving…

Sure, I’m only on Level 13 with a portfolio of 50 species in my Pokedex, but I work full time as well!

 What was life like when you were a kid? There is always the comparison to simpler times when you take a trip down memory lane. Remember things like red light green light and Mr Wolf? Or handstands and cartwheels, or home made slip and slides with heaps of Palmolive for extra slipperiness! Common theme for these was being outdoors, but don’t forget the classic cartoons like Scooby Doo or The Jetsons! My favourite thing to do on Saturday morning was to turn on the B&W TV without a remote and watch cartoons.

Should we bring back the good old days of riding pushies and playing handball? I love the nostalgic thought and really aspire to this lifestyle for the kids, but let’s face it, Pokemon Go is so much fun.

On a final note – yes, there are many reported incidents of people not concentrating when they are walking around and playing, but the same thing has been happening for ages for anyone with a phone who aren’t aware of their surroundings. All you have to do is check You Tube; it’s not all cute kittens.

So over to you. Pokemon Go versus the good old days?  Let me   know what you think.


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