Video Killed the Radio Star


I've signed up for radio school. I know! It's already fun, and it's only been the first week.

It's 2 nights a week, the first is a theory session and the second night is practical - you get to use the microphone and panel! Watch out Sydney 2RRR!

Last year, we met a great speaker who did a show on community radio. It was the start of an idea...

Celeste and I have been having accountability sessions, and at our last one, we talked about doing more fun stuff and trying new things. Straight away, CM got online and checked to see what was available, and next minute - we're booked into Radio School!

It's a profesh program that is run by a training centre, and at the end we'll be able to run our own program if we want (YES please!). They are a great bunch of people at the community radio station - its a not for profit and is manned by volunteers.  The purpose is to provide a voice for the local community, and provide diversity.

This has been a big year for the stretch. I've done loads of new things, and I'm aiming to say yes more often to something new, than no. It's a deliberate choice - that is, deciding which things I will say yes to but I don't want to be saying no because I'm afraid. And let's face it, when it comes to speaking on the radio and ad libbing I'm going to have to work on it, but it's ok! I will get better and better with practice. I haven't been great at thinking on my feet but I'm working on it.

Isn't it funny how one moment can be the pivotal point for momentum, and you don't even realise it at the time.

I remember dreading getting my knees done, and putting it off so many times because I was so nervous, and frightened of how painful it might be. If only I had known how this was going to change my life so significantly, I would have done it 10 years earlier.

This year, I've quit my job, started a new one, exercised, meditated, volunteered, donated blood and done so many other new things. Plus I'm planning on a trip to India! Whaaat?! Next thing you know I'll be going to the movies on my own. LOL

It's all about stretching your comfort zone. I didn't even know how much I needed to stretch mine until I started and it made me so nervous, but once you get your brave-pants on and give it a go, it gets a little easier each time.

So watch out citizens of the Gladesville-Ryde area. I may be on the air having a chat to you very very soon. And I know for sure, its going to be a fun time. Because that's how we roll. Any ideas for a name for our show are welcome.

Big thanks to Celeste for doing this with me, I couldn't imagine anyone more fun and totally idiotic to share this experience with.

Soooooo, stretch! and enjoy it. Because even though the first time you stretch you're a bit stiff and sore, it gets easier with practice. Feel free to support me, it's always easier when your good friends have your back.

What have you done that's crazy outside your comfort zone? Would love to hear about it.

Have a good day! Laurel


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