How different are you now from your childhood?

Have you ever thought about how you were as a child is a reflection on you as an adult? I know, its Captain Obvious but if you really take the time to think about it, it can be very insightful.

Think back to being a kid – what did you like to do, how did you act around your family or friends, were there any habits that you were known for?

Now consider your school years. What were you like at school? What subjects did you absolutely love – and would be up the front of the classroom for? Who were your friends, and what kinds of things did you love to do with them? Can you remember how you behaved with your mum and dad, or brothers and sisters? What were your favourite hobbies, and did you have a favourite movie or song that you would watch or listen to, over and over.
 It’s funny – when you do the reflection you can see why you are the person you are today. Are you still the same you, just a little older and perhaps having learnt more about life and whatever interests you?

Did you see any patterns – perhaps in the type of relationship you have with your parents and family members, or even the types of people you like to be with. It may be the answers if you are questioning things in your life.

When I look back at my own childhood, I can see that I’ve always loved having a close group of friends, and that I’ve always played the role of being the initiator (usually of mischief or fun!) and the peacemaker – making sure everyone is on the bus having a good time. When I talk about what is important to me, it’s always the same. I love my family, my friends and having a fun time. Nothing’s changed.

I’ve always loved English and History, and creative subjects like Music & Home Economics. Now, writing is so important to me, and the understanding people (history) and creativity (music + food) comes to life through marketing.

Being the second youngest, I always relied on having someone to look out for me, and I didn’t have to worry too much about stretching out on my own. I moved from home into my new house when I got married so never lived out of home or travelled (until later in our marriage), and then my husband took over some of the role of taking care of me. Now I’m working more on my personal development, some of this makes sense to the grown up me. It doesn’t change things, but it gives perspective to grow from.

If you are at a stage in your life that you want to change direction, and are looking for what is next – this might be a place to start. Taking a look at what you really like to do, what makes you sing.  If it doesn’t feel like ‘work’ – that’s the feeling you are aiming for. It puts you a step closer to finding your purpose.

And just for the record – my favourite movies were Xanadu & Grease, and my favourite song was Mr Postman by The Carpenters. What a pump up!

How about you? Would love to hear if you want to share childhood comparisons, or even your favourite movie and song as a kid. Just don’t ask me to sing them unless you really mean it…


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