Just say YES!

I’m reading a book at the moment called The Surrender Experiment, by Michael A Singer. It talks about his decision to let go of listening to his negative inner voice, and just letting himself be guided by the things that come along in life.
One of the examples he used to describe this is weather. We’ve all had those moments when we wish that it wasn’t raining because we had something planned. It’s not like you can change it, but you talk about it anyway! For example, fingers crossed it stops, what am I going to do if it doesn’t stop, this rain is going to spoil everything. What if you just accepted it? Could it actually make the situation, better?

So what happens if you just say yes? Even with the little things, like letting someone in front of you when driving, or not getting stressed because the front gates wouldn’t open straight away, or even where to stop and meditate. These are everyday decisions but they are always accompanied by an inner dialogue, like, will I be late for work? What if getting rid of all the internal talk meant that you accepted what was actually pre-designed for you? It’s an interesting thought, and so liberating. And BTW – I wasn’t late for work. I was early.

Have a listen. Do you have a lot of internal chat about every decision? Why don’t you try the surrender experiment and see where it leads you. Would love to hear from you if you take it on.

Am I opening the door to some crazy suggestions from people? Probably. But really trying hard to try everything and be open to whatever comes, so bring it on! Yes, I'm nervous of that. But I think that's the whole point. And is it hard? Yes it is for me, but I know when I feel like it's hardest its probably a sign that its exactly the thing I need to surrender to.

Eckhart Toll says it so beautifully - surrendering is not failure or giving up. It's about yielding. What a sense of relief - flowing instead of pushing.
 So this week – just say YES. Why not…


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