Hump Day's = Half Way. How much time have you invested in yourself this week?

The concept of time. You don’t really think too much about it other than thinking about it in relation to things that are happening – What time will I get up? What time do I need to be there? How long will it take?

But it really is so much more, you could say it’s a gift. Someone gave me this example the other day, and it was a starting point for thinking about my time, and how this relates to my goals and personal values.

In Australia our age expectancy is 7th in the world! Women live to be an average age of 84.4 years and men to 80.3 years.

This is great news for Australians! Plus, think about your own family, and how long they lived (in my family, female family members lived into their 90’s. Legends).

Then do the maths.
1.     Deduct how old you are. That leaves me around 35 years, 7 months.
2.     Calculate as days. That equals 12,985 days. That’s it. Perhaps if you live well – eat, sleep and exercise well, or take into account genetics, it may be longer.

So, how are you using your time? In a big sense – what are your goals, and are you actively working towards them? Make your time work for you! In the short term – what does this week look like, and what do you want to achieve?

Try this activity. If one week is 168 hours, then how and where are you using your time? Take a minute to break it up into activities, and then write how much time you spend on each. For example, your main tasks each week might be sleeping, working, travel, exercise, family, and hobbies. Add them up, and see how much time you have left, or available to you.

Things to consider –
 Is your time balanced – are you over invested in some areas, under in others?
1.     Are you clear about what you want to achieve in your life – what are your big goals?
2.     How are you using the time you haven’t accounted for – is it the best use of your time?
3.     Does this align with your personal values? For example, if family is important, does how you use your time reflect this?
4.     How much time are you investing in yourself?
If you do this exercise and find there are areas you want to work on, that makes you one step closer to optimising your time.

FYI - If you are interested in learning more about your values, check out this free values assessment 


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