A sad farewell to the weekend

I had an appointment this weekend, and I made it first thing on Saturday morning so I wouldn't lay around in my pyjamas doing nothing. Mind you, it was for 9am. My version of first thing in the morning.

I went to the optometrists, and luckily I don't have glaucoma or high pressure. Its only migraines. Well thank goodness for that...

By 4pm on Saturday, I had successfully not done any housework except for the main toilet (in case anyone come over) and the kitchen bench (same reason). I was a bit bored at home on my own which was a bit of a surprise. Goes to show I'm not on my own very often.

Woke up on Sunday to Ben vomiting about 4.30am. Noticed that Craig woke up but pretended to just be moving in his sleep. Hah. So after the clean up and medicating, I went back to sleep till 10.30am. Just enough time left in the day to only do the washing, and lay around watching movies, reading and drinking cups of coffee. Oh well.

Now the for sad part. I have to go to work tomorrow. 

Upside? Taking Bett to see Miley Cyrus tomorrow with some friends. Downside? Going to be tired at work on Tuesday, and have a meeting with boss. Yay (not).

Goodnight, and sweet dreams for the rest of Sunday we have left.


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