The start of an epic journey between mind and keyboard

Its Sunday afternoon on a long weekend, and I am busting to go the toilet (toilet dance time) but more about that later.

Yet again, I am procrastinating, wasting time on unimportant matters so that I can avoid the topic. I do that a lot, I'm a peacekeeper. I'm the one that always says things like 'its ok, we can work it out' or 'what do you think about that?'. Sometimes it works.

I went to a pyschic a couple of weeks ago and she done this funny flower reading (not too accurate, but hey, it was a flower) and at the end she looked at all the petals that had come off in the bag, and told me I had issues I needed to let go of.

So here we are. I have always wanted to write a blog, which started after seeing Julie & Julia which was a top movie - Bon Apetit!. A little bit because I wanted to practice writing, but mostly because I think its an anonymous way to blurt things out that you wouldn't normally say because its either offensive or polite people don't know how to respond when you do say it.

I decided that I would write about the things that annoy me and why, and then once the blurt has happened leave them to the universe (or in this case, the internet. same thing.).

This first one is just about why, and along the way I'll share more about my (sometimes boring) irritating issues. If I get lazy, I can just read this back over and elaborate on my favourites.

Welcome if you are reading, and if there isn't anyone out there, that's ok too.


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