This is Big Bro

Big Brother is back on Monday! Nothing more needs to be said!

But of course I am going to talk about it anyway. I loved the original Big Brother series. I was a serious fan, would watch it every night then talk about it the next day at work. I was so jealous when my friend got a phone with a screen and internet (about 7 years ago) and could watch it on her phone, sigh.

Every possible interaction with someone involved in the show was so exciting and talked about forever (Still  milk this baby). So many, where to start.

alex - can't remember what season, came in to work as a rep for 2Day FM. Someone asked if he would have a photo with us, but we started giggling like girls and couldn't do it.
can't remember the girls name but she was someone at works hairdresser (I know, desperate but we would take what we could get).
Bree & others from that series, I was in the lift with them at a hotel in QLD once.
Terry the last winner (remember the old lady?) turns out that she is the lady at my sons after school cares mum, and I got to meet her and talk to her! loved it.

There were more but can't remember them at the moment.

Loved Gretel and the gang, remember Carmel the psychologist? Remember when the guy came on stage and wouldn't speak? the absolute thrill of it. And all those lucky dogs in the audience? wished I lived in QLD. all that hand slapping as they came out of the house. And every year the last epode, when the families came into the house for the winner? so good.

And so many people who made their careers out of the show, good on them. Blair (remember the pony races, LOL), Peter (and that soppy ballerina, what was he thinking? actually, just remembered the dancing dooner), Chrissy Swan, heaps of them.

So excited but also hoping that Sonia K doesn't spoil what are very special memories for me. Can't wait, bring on Monday!


  1. postscript - OMG, it was so good to have it back on our screen! loved it


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