Well hello, Saturday!

how funny, get up early on Saturday (can't help it, the routine of getting up for work is ingrained) and have a cuppa & brekky, then lay around watching tele. Unless there is shopping to be done.

Now thats a treat. Do the bit of shopping, get the local paper and then sit down in a coffee shop reading the paper, having a cuppa and something to eat. How's the serenity? love it.

Today? have been trying to inspire the kids to get up and moving and do something fun but no luck. Its 11am, Ben is in his school uniform from yesterday still playing his iPod (I know, life wouldn't go on without it..) and Bethany is pretending to do her room. And do you think either of them will make me a cuppa? No!

I suggested going to the park with sandwiches. No. What about the movies? No, nothing interesting on. Don't want to go to the shops, save the money. So looks like it could be a catch up weekend on the shows I have missed which Craigie has so kindly taped! Yay! Probably should start the washing too.

Still no cuppa.

Love our house after its been cleaned. Smells nice but also means nothing to do except washing. And cleaning up all those places in your house that seem to be a depository for junk that you can't be bothered doing anything about. And I just happen to have heaps of them. But I figure the door is closed so if you can't see the mess, it can wait for another time.

How about tonight? Perhaps I could redeem myself by doing something tonight. Movies are out (boring action adventures or ones the kids don't want to see) or dinner with the kids, Craig working.

Suppose I'm going to have to make my own cuppa. Whatever happens, it will be a great weekend because the sun is shining, can't wait for spring!


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