Chloe's Sweet 16 Party

Tonight was the test run for our 16th birthday party next weekend. Chloe, my niece, is exactly one week younger than Bethany and it was her birthday tonight. 

There were around 20 girls and boys all dressed to the 9's in their best party clothes for a mask theme party. One clever wit took it as far as bringing a gas mask. Strange kid.

Everyone dressed in their finery

These are my learnings from tonight, which will hopefully help us next week. 

1. Decorate nicely and you don't need to do much else. They had decorated with heaps of lit up Chinese lanterns and it looked beautiful. Add an iPod and you have an instant party. 

Loving the decorations, good planning ahead

2. Give them heaps of chips and soft drinks. That will fill their tummies, bless them. 

3. Put on dinner to top them up. Also doubles to make them full and sluggish and therefore avoid trouble. 

4. Have chargers available. EVERY charger in the house was occupied!! That is not an exaggeration. 

5. Finish with a lolly bar. It was like a stampede when they seen lollies and bags! But luckily I fought my way through to get mine (phew).

Kids will always be kids, doesn't matter how old. They stormed the lolly bar!

Have to say what a nice lot of kids they were. No trouble, a little swearing, just a bunch of kids outside in the carport singing, dancing and eating lots of lollies. 

I think the oldies inside were more rowdie! Speaking of which, where is there a free phone charger and I need a cuppa!!! 

Happy birthday Chloe, this ones for you. 

The birthday girl


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