Happy Easter! I think...

Easter greetings!

We love Easter, not only do you get chocolate eggs (we are Cadbury snobs!) but its a long weekend which is traditionally a camping weekend for us.

This Easter long weekend, we packed up with our mates Darren and Melinda, and their kids Daniel (7) and Chelsea (3) PLUS the dogs to our weekender at Glen Alice, about an hour away from Mudgee. 

At the meeting point, ready to head off!
I say weekender euphemistically. It's a shed kitted out so you don't have to do the basic camp thing, but totes bonus, there is a shower with hot water, a kitchen with gas oven/stove and a porta potty. Sure beats the thunder dunny from our younger days! There is also a wood heater and proper lounge and TV. Did I say camping? More like glamping, westie style.

We turned up after lunch, unpacked and settled in for a nice relaxing weekend. For the first few days, all went well. Endless cups of tea, and the kids happy to use the iPad or do craft to amuse themselves. Or watch TV - the most popular activity for my 13 year old son who seems to be allergic to the sun.

Plenty of water in the dams for the cattle including all the baby calves!
I mentioned the dogs earlier. My MIL & FIL are away on a cruise at the moment (lucky things) so we are in charge of the dogs. One is a cranky old man (Russell) and the other one is a lazy girl (Bella) but they rub along nicely. Add to the mix our friends frisky young dog (Miley) and there was a lot of snarling and snipping until they learned to avoid each other.

These are very much house dogs normally. It was freezing at night so I was guilted into letting them come and sleep in the shed, especially the old one. At around 4am every morning for the entire holidays, Bella would come up to the bed and whimper. Hubby had the job of taking them out, stoke the fire and then get back into the warm bed. Until around 5am when the same thing would happen. Then 6am. You get the drift. It drove me crazy. Where was the lazy sleeping in I was expecting?!

Bethany is trying to catch up on a little sleep after being woken up by the dogs.
We woke up on Easter Sunday to the little kids squealing about finding their Easter gifts which was nice. Mine received same as always, a gift bag beside their bed with a new set of pyjamas and some chocolate Easter treats. This years popular favourites were the Malteasters eggs and the Kinder Surprise mini eggs, they were a big hit last year as well. Bacon and eggs for brekky finished off Easter Sunday traditions and we went outside to enjoy the sunshine.

Craig and Darren built us a new front verandah, very nice work boys! with the addition of some patio furniture, this is now a lovely place to enjoy the view.

Cup of tea tea time, Darren!
Ben was the taxi driver, taking the little kids for rides around on the motorbike and quad bike. They were having a ball, going round and round the paddock. Bethany decided to jump on the bike and have some fun too and that's when things went downhill. They were riding towards each other in opposite directions, Ben with Daniel on the quad and Bethany on the bike, and unfortunately for everyone, no-one swerved. A case of unintentional chicken. Daniel and Bethany went flying over the handle bars of their respective bikes, and Ben got the biggest shock. A black eye for Daniel and some bad scratches / bruises for Bethany later, everyone was very quiet and subdued for the rest of the day! 

Bethany is a trooper! But she was feeling it the next day.

Daniel ended up with a black eye and an adventure to remember.

Top off a bad day with a flowing over porta potty, and we were glad to go to bed that night!

The next day we put the kids (including the big kid Darren!) in the trailer and went for a run around the property before heading off. A hamburger stop, then straight home, yay! 

I love getting home after a weekend away as much as I love heading off. Thanks to our long time friends for a great weekend away, with plenty of memories we will laugh about, maybe not now, but in time... Did you have any mishaps this Easter weekend?


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