It's ladies time!

Today I went to a ladies only #blogchicksevent. It's my first blogger event with an intimate group of like minded bloggers, except for the Digital Parents conference I went on last year #DPCON14 which I loved, but the one on one conversations of this group was so lovely.

My cousin Elise who writes a fantastic blog called +Elise Ellabban (Mummy Hearts Money) all about being budget efficient in a busy family environment, takes me under her wing and helps me foster my burgeoning blogger career. This was another one of those times, she organised for me to be invited to join the closed group and to an afternoon tea with a group of local bloggers. Thank you Elise, you don't realise how much this means to me to have your experience and support!

We went to a lovely place called The Gatehouse at Parramatta Park. If you don't know the area, its a park in the middle of Parramatta which has a number of historic cottages and buildings including Government House, so its popular and very pretty. We were lucky enough to have our own private room which was lucky because put 12 women bloggers in one room, and noise levels are guaranteed to rise!

mmm, afternoon tea. PS, peekaboo to Helen, sitting opposite.
And just who happened to be our waiter? The owner, who writes a blog of his own about being a stay at home dad! What a coincidence! made for lots of fun conversation.

I sat next to some lovely ladies and afterwards spoke to like minded mums about the troubles of being a mum to teenagers. How refreshing to be able to be honest. There's some things you just can't post about, and can only talk about with mums who have been through the same things. What bliss not to be judged.

So besides having a lovely afternoon teas with rose grey tea (you have to drink tea, its afternoon tea 101!) I was able to grab a whole pile of business cards and make a couple of great contacts and talk about ways to get better organised.

So next steps? 
1) Write down a clear brand description of the blog. 
2) Define the pillars for the blog content, and frequency
3) Research designers, including costs, and put together a design brief
4) Talk to someone about converting my blog over to wordpress.

It seems simple doesn't it? I think I'm procrastinating because its all new and there is no comfort levels whatsoever about some of this stuff. You would think I could smash it with my background, and I can with some but the changeover to word press will let me start to take things to the next level, and let me use my early adopter strong opinions and turn them into a useable review for a brand.

Things are exciting, now to start planning. Thanks for a great lunch ladies, so productive but also nice to lunch with like minded and fun people. See you next time!


  1. It was a great afternoon! I'm loving having you along my blogging journey too, it's so nice getting to know you as adults and having another relo in the blogging world xx


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