When's the next holiday?!

I know I always bang on about life being busy, but bloody hell, its so true. A sad symptom of this is the catch up sleep on the weekend. I wake up at 5-6am (normal) go to the bathroom then go back to sleep again UNTIL 12PM!!! what a waste of my Saturday because then I want to bludge around for a bit, do some washing, cook dinner and its time to go back to bed again. And Sunday isn't any better. 

So when IS the next holiday?! I've got a cruise planned for September, thats only 76 days away! Yes! But the downside is that if I'm away on a cruise, that means Bethany will be on her own in USA on the exchange student trip, and as that comes closer I'm finding it harder to think about and cope with. How am I going to do without my special girl? 

well hello cruise, in 76 days!

Practically speaking, I will be on a cruise for 2 out of the 4 weeks, so its only 2 weeks I will be missing her for horribly (phew). 

In the meantime, today I am going to empty out drawers ready for Sandra to come and visit us from Temple City, maybe so some washing and if there is any time left, make a start on the wardrobe (its horrible, too scared to open it). At 3.44pm in the afternoon, I think some of these might not make the cut.

It's freezing. I can see the sun outside but here in the house its COLD! Lucky Bethany is making us cookies at the moment, to have with a cup of tea for afternoon tea.

I would love to say ours looked as good and tasted as good as these look but it would be a lie.

This feels like a post about nothing AKA Jerry Seinfeld but I felt immense guilt when I seen the date of the last post. I MUST get more organised about this!

Tomorrow, my lovely cousin +Elise Ellabban has organised for me to be invited to a Blogger Chicks afternoon tea where I can meet other bloggers and talk to them. Hopefully there are some absolute non-tech savvy, newbie bloggers like me with no followers, and they can give me some practical starting tips. It will just be fun to have afternoon tea with other ladies anyway, totes bonus.

Have a great weekend, put on some slippers and make the most of your time!


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