I love being an Australian - Happy Australia Day!

I've travelled just a little and its really true, there's no place like home.

The closest to home was America which I LOVED heaps but its still not the same as good old Australia, and more specifically, Sydney.

Its Australia Day today, 26 January. It's the day that everyone in Australia gets a day off (well, except a few people that have to work like my husband) and can use the day to enjoy their family and friends in true Aussie style. So in the spirit of celebrating all things Australian this Australia Day, I've listed my favourite things that make me feel Australian.

1. Summer
Australia Day is smack bang in the middle of summer so we're usually treated to a beautiful sunny day. And what do you do on a beautiful sunny day? You spend it outdoors. Most people think about the beach - sand and water plus a tube of sunblock and its an instant Australia Day party. We're not heading off to the beach but will definitely take the time to walk barefoot in the grass down to the pool and go swimming. Gotta love summer!

Always feel gratitude that we are lucky enough to have a pool.
2. Food
Its definitely tradition to have a BBQ on Australia Day, and its not a barbie without some sausages and salad. And you have to start with some bikkies and dip (and if you're serious about being an Aussie, this is Jatz with some corn relish or french onion dip). There's usually some kind of booze involved like a beer, or the classic, a fruit punch.

After lunch, you've got to have either lamingtons or pavlova, or even both. I went down to Coles and bought lamingtons on Friday especially ready for today, so will be cracking them open later to have with a cup of tea. Was actually considering opening them now but have very admirably restrained myself. Was tough.

This was my classy version of fruit punch last year, and it was yum delish.
3. Company
I always spend Australia day with my own family, and sometimes my extended family as well. Depending on if my hubby is working, we often go away camping with friends as well, and spend the weekend outdoors in the sun which is always fun. But this year he is working and we've had a busy weekend so I'm going to pike it and just spend the day with the kids. I've organised some nice nibbles, and if its hot enough to swim we will be outdoors in the pool (in-between doing the washing and a bit of cleaning - I want to fit it all in!). Every year I tell myself that I will make the effort to go into town and check out all the celebration activities that happen in Sydney, but I just mostly can't be bothered to fight the traffic and make the  trip which is over an hour away, especially when I can spend the day relaxing at home. But then that's the best thing, spending it with my favourite people just chilling out. #lovemyfamily
Ben and Beth

4. Culture
It's one of those days that really make you think about how lucky we are to live in Australia, and really appreciate everything we have. We have our freedom (thanks to all the diggers who fought in wars for us) no fighting and a healthy economy. 

On a personal level, we have our own home, healthy kids and a happy family so LG. Yeah sure, life isn't perfect but if this is the day to really appreciate and be grateful for what we have, then I don't know when is. I'm on a personal journey to be more grateful this year, and I really am feeling like there is a lot to be grateful for. #myyearofgratitude #365daysgratitude

5. School
The only sad thing about Australia Day is that its usually followed a couple of days later by the kids going back to school. I always feel a little bit sad when the summer school holidays are over for the kids. Its nice for them to enjoy the long hot summer break, and it means that they have another whole year of school work ahead of them. Beth is in year 12 this year so its going to be a big year for her, and Ben will be in year 8 and expected to show that he is a responsible student. I think thats going to be a tough gig but he's got it in him!!! So we are madly shopping for new school shoes and school books, and trying to get in a last minute soak of the stained school shirts before they go back. Plus I'm going to have to go shopping for a lot of school snacks. Sigh - this is the true indication summer is nearly over, casual dining will soon be a thing of the past.

So whatever Australian means to you, I hope you have a wonderful Australia Day 2015, and that you get to eat a laming ton as well.


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