Write it down

Fill a space with words.

That’s the definition of writing. Isn’t that interesting. The concept of filling space can actually mean you are also emptying space at the same time – your headspace.

Someone recommended that I keep a daily journal to clear up all the thoughts buzzing around in my mind and create some space for more important things and different thinking.

Journals are so multi purpose. You can use one to just write down random thoughts, or it can be quite purposeful and be a tool to help you achieve.

So where do you start, and what should you use your journal for? These are some of the things that you could consider.

Gratefulness. When you write down what you are grateful for, it’s hard to entertain any negative thoughts, and you start to appreciate even the little things that add up to a happier life.

Goals. The number one thing about being successful at achieving your goals is to identify clear goals, write them down and review them. What better place than the journal you will be looking at every day. Consider including your health goals too.

Reminders. You know that moment when you have a brainwave and think to yourself ‘what an awesome idea!!” and then 10 minutes later, the idea is gone forever. Write it down straight away. You never know when the right time is to bring back those big ideas, but it will come.

Affirmations. Affirmations are sentences aimed to affect the conscious and the subconscious mind. If it’s important to you, then affirming your goals will help you in achieving them.

Let it go. Just write down anything and everything that comes to your fingertips. If it’s top of mind, then it’s obviously important for some reason to write it down, and come back to it when the moment is right.

The other things you should use your journal for is to look back and think big!

Looking back lets you get some insight on how you have managed problems previously, and gives you the confidence to go forward next time. Plus you can see how far you’ve come – what a great feeling of achievement!

Just imagining big lets you see a world of possibility! It’s your journal – think as big as you want, and get motivated and excited.

Lastly, why not personalise your journal. Pick a diary that reflects you, and then personalise your entries. Use different colour pens, or add pictures that reflect your thinking. It’s going to be great to reflect on the result. I've got a great pink glitter number that I'm leaning towards...

So, write it down, and make it happen.

Do you write a daily journal? I'd love to hear from you on what makes your journal a success so I can improve my own, so write a comment below.


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