It’s always about you (actually, me).

This is the real deal, and only connected for me today. You know that feeling that you have just criticised someone for something, and have the slightest suspicion that you do the very same thing?

Psychological Projection is a theory in psychology in which humans defend themselves against their own unconscious impulses or qualities (both positive and negative) by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others.”

You’re showing that you see the world and other people through the lens of your own self-perception – what you see in others exists in you.

In a negative sense, it’s about judging others for what manifests in ourselves. For example, you may judge people’s behaviour for not living up to an expected standard, but your own behaviour displays similar attributes.  I’ve experienced this. I’ve judged people for behaving in a certain way, but if I look closely enough, I’m actually behaving in the same way. Or, you might not like something about someone else's body, and you have the same feature.

I think as you begin learning more about yourself and developing a sense of self awareness, you start to become so much more aware of these situations. It’s a good head space, where you can understand and stop judging people, learn to love yourself and be more accepting.

On the flip side, the interesting thing is that you also project in reverse, for positive things.

When you are thoughtful and share, or display kind behaviour, this is projection. It could be that you’re that person that sends people beautiful notes of gratitude and love. Or you remember people’s birthdays or special occasions. Or you always stop and speak to the person that is by themselves. Maybe you are the person that always offer compliments. Or you just always smile, laugh and say hello. These are only little things, but they are demonstrating positive projecting. It’s your natural traits, and without even realizing, you are being a positive influence. I LOVE THIS! It's so genuine and beautiful.

Isn’t it nice to become aware that you see what you are, in others? And that it’s actually all about you. A responsibility for sure, but also a really wonderful view on the world. Because its unique to you, and you can own and influence it.

The idea for this article came from an email in reply to a Christmas card we sent. So thanks if you were that person, you have created some really interesting conversations and learnings for us, aside from the fact that your note was really beautiful and thoughtful.

And BTW, just to prove that nothing is a coincidence, this topic came up in 4 different conversations today. 

“See the light in others, and treat them as if that is all you see.” Wayne Dyer


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