Live more with Less - how to give away your belongings with grace & style 101

Happy new year!

What a cracker of a start to 2017 - it's been great. Hope you have had a great start too.

I went to a seminar this week on numerology, and found out that this is a number 1 year. Really simply, years work in cycles of 1-9 in numerology, and each stage in the cycle represents something different. You can google this to find out your birthday & name numbers, and what they mean.

2016 was a number 9. This means the end of the cycle. So you may have experienced change, or the ending of  things happening in your life. This was so true for me - I left my corporate job after 26 years, which changed my view on not only my attitude towards work but my personal life as well.

2017 is a number 1. This is the beginning of new cycle, a blank canvass set up for the next 9 year cycle. Isn't that nice? It's the opportunity to decide what life will be like for you going forward, and setting the tone for that. In the first 3 months of a number 1 cycle, you should do a couple of things.

1. Think about what you don't want to take with you into the new year / cycle.
This is really important - Don't take your baggage into the new cycle. It could be a number of things, for example,  thinking, physical self or objects.

Have you ever really though about your thinking and behaviour patterns? For example, is there a way that you think that you just want to stop? For me, its being confident in what I can do - no negative self talking coming along for the ride in 2017. You want to take the lessons learnt from experience, not the bad behaviour patterns.

What about physical? I don't want to take the excess weight and inactivity into the next cycle with me - I want a great set up for a thin, strong and sexy me. So my goals include exercise, sleep and diet. So basic, but so necessary.

Objects - this is a biggie. I have been feeling for the past few years that we have too much 'stuff'. In the house, in the garage, in our life. So I've decided to pass it on.
Are  the things you have still relevant? Do you still relate to them, and have an energy connection? If not, then it's time to let them go.

I am inviting everyone to come to my house and help themselves to something I'm passing on. You may be shocked and surprised at how much their actually is. If you gave it to me as a present, then don't be disappointed by this move. I love that you gave it to me, and I have enjoyed it but now it's time to share the love and let the next person enjoy it too.

A friend passed on an article link for a couple of guys called The Minimalists. Now they are hard core - they can count the number of items they own. I'm not quite ready for that, but I want to strip back RADICALLY. I want to feel light, and the weight lift off my shoulders from knowing that the 'stuff' is gone. I want to really be conscious not to bring more back in through shopping. And I want to make sure that I live with the motto 'love people, not things' and live a meaningful life. This is going to be hard. So any help you can offer will be taken with much appreciation.

2. Set up your year - what do you want to happen?
The second thing is to think about your plan, and take this time to set it up. This is where you set the tone for things to come.
It makes a lot of sense, it felt right when the speaker was talking about this. I think you should go with your gut feeling and intuition more often, and this definitely rang true for me.

So it's time to let it go. Less is more. I'm going to apply that this year. Time is my best friend, so I'm going to treat it with respect and use it well. Learning to say no. Saying yes more often to the things that are important. And not getting caught up in consumerism. My goals are very different this year - they involve a lot of business goals as well as getting to know and love myself more, and they are so much more worth working on than spending lots of time shopping.

I would love to hear from you about what you are doing this year. This is a big deal for me to be so honest on a post and it would be so great to hear what you might be doing too. I would love people to support me, and equally, I'm a great support partner.

And yes - I'm serious. Come over and feel free to take something home to treasure. Laurel x


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