Family and friends

Hello again!

We're like other normal Aussie families. We spend our weekends catching up, with washing, housework, sports, shopping and seeing our friends and family.

This weekend we visited some of our very favourite friends for lunch. I have known them for as long as I've known Craigie Boy, and he has known them since he was a teenager working at Coles, where he met Melinda's sister Kerryn and the rest is history.

Darren lived behind Craig when they were kids, and went to school together, Craig was only a year behind Darren at school. Melinda is Kerryn's sister,  and a whole big group of them used to hang out together when they were younger doing all the normal boozy things you do when you have no responsibility - camping, going to night clubs and having parties. They met, fell in love and that was that. Well not quite, but same ending.

All these years later, and our eldest daughters are only a week apart in age, and then our other kids fall behind. We love them and always have fun catching up. We've been away on holidays, camping trips, had many parties and social get togethers that involved our families, so we know each other pretty well.

Today was just a casual lunch. Yummy food, homemade by Melinda followed by endless cups of teas and lots of chat and life and the kids.

Then, when it got dark and cool, Darren lit up his homemade fire pit (made from an old gas bottle, its tops!) and we got out the marshmallows and talked a bit of crap - politics, kids and future holidays.

Its visits like this that make me appreciate my friends even more. You don't have to try hard, you can be pretty honest and its okay to be a little (actually, make that a lot for Craig) daggy because you know each other so well you don't have to have any social polite pretense. And how nice is that.


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