Who knew life with a dog?

This year we got a dog.

It was always never for us to have a dog, but last year my husband done the sneaky sneaky on me, and I arrived home and there was a puppy there. hhhmmm.

The very pretty Miss Bella is a blue cattle dog, and was really too young to be away from her mum but there she was, being kissed to death by the kids. Yes, it was all "I'll do everything for her, I will walk her, feed her, clean up poos etc etc" but all mums will know this was a big fat lie.

As I am writing, madame is laying on the bed beside my husband gently snoring. For someone who never ever ever wanted an animal, this is a very big step. 

I still hate the dog hair everywhere, and the smell plus the gross hands but she is a sweet and affectionate girl, so can't blame her. I vowed not to be the one to take care of her, and have kept that vow to date. I am not  responsible for stray poo's or getting stinky disgusting dog food ready for her, but happy to share a tummy rub or behind the ear scratch for our girl.

Its time for the confession. My in-laws live next door. Most nights (read - every night bar the very rare occasion), Bella stays with them. My father in law feeds her, walks her and plays with her. TG for him, the last time the kids promised to take care of an animal was the guinea pigs, and the exact same thing happened (in laws took over) but with less successful consequences (hot weekend, overheated guinea pigs and say no more).

My recommendation? Get a dog. They are good company and its nice to see her enjoying her doggy life, plus she gets the kids exercising out there sometimes.

Goodnight Bella, sorry to disturb you with the typing...


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