Guilty but innocent pleasures

Good evening!

I often try to work the Aussie Battler angle, but its not going very far for me. We are fortunate enough to have 2 incomes in our household, and a (well to some) reasonable mortgage. But that doesn't mean to say that we can live an extravagant life. That's how the guilty pleasures come in.

For me, its reading material and shopping. Shopping is pretty self explanatory. I love shopping and buying anything from clothes to home-wears, and the kids are also lucky winners in the shopping stakes. They are too lazy to earn any pocket money, so I buy them mostly what they want and need. Nice gig if you can get it.

I LOVE to read. I will pick up and read anything that has a good flow to it. From Mills & Boons, to historical romance, romantic comedies, biographies, autobiographies, vampires and supernatural story series and even kids books (with lots of words of course!) - I read them all.

I also love to read the weekly mags. Not for me the highbrow fashion mags, no, I love the westie housewife stuff, like Take 5, Thats Life, OK!, Women's Day etc. The problem with all of this is that I buy them. Mags are around $4-5 each, so if you add them all up after you have picked up a couple at the register every time you shop, its a pretty sizeable sum.

And do I go to a library and borrow the books that I read (around 1 every day, depending on how big they are)? No, frivolous me just goes and buys them. Mind you, once I've read them, they just get passed on to Mum unless they are a keeper. So at between $5 and $10 per book, it starts to add up. Abs favourite book publisher was Little Black Dress books, but they are not publishing any new books, which is sad. Means I have to look for them on e-bay and pay postage.

Wonder how much I've spent over the years? Most likely enough to have paid for a good holiday to Florida (the next dream holiday destination). I try not to think of it in these terms, because then I would have to 'fess up to my hubby, and I'm pretty sure he would not be happy.

I have just been reading my cousins blog (mummyheartsmoney) - go girl!, and she writes about saving money while she is a stay at home mum. I loved reading it, and can see lots of ways to save us money at home and put more off the mortgage. 

But its going to have to be when I am motivated. Cause life is not too bad money wise at the moment, so just enjoying the little bit of guilty pleasure my hobbies give me.

Mine seem pretty innocent, what are your guilty pleasures?


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