Australia Day 2014

Good evening!
I've been thinking about Australia Day a bit recently as a result of some comments I seen on a group page on Facebook.

I've written previously that we discovered we had Aboriginal heritage around 18 months ago through my mums side, with my Nan.

I read in this group (which is dedicated to the family tribe in Tasmania) that Australia Day is a day of sadness for aboriginals because its the day white people came and killed aboriginals and took their land and dignity. It made me stop and think. I can completely understand this thinking, it was the beginning of a very different way of life for indigenous people.

But for me, Australia Day is a different. I think of Australia Day as a time to celebrate being Australian and everything that comes with it. Its about being free, living a good life, my kids being able to have a good education, being able to work, using our wages to buy our own homes and living a good life. Its about being grateful that we have no fighting, a strong economy, good food and a beautiful country to live in. I feel proud when I travel overseas to be Australian, and Australia Day is a day to celebrate that with my family and friends.

It's a balance isn't it. Enjoying our great lifestyle, while making sure we are respectful of our original land owners and empathising with all that they suffered. 

So this Australia Day will still be about family and friends, and being thankful for our good lives, but it will also be in remembrance for the past relatives who were around in 1788, and the fight they have endured ever since.

So Aussie Aussie Aussie! Enjoy your Australia Day, and make it meaningful.


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