Summer holidays, best time of your life

Do you remember your summer holidays when you were a kid? They felt so long, and you got to do lots of fun stuff and had loads of freedom. I loved summer holidays, long days, swimming, usually a holiday to The Entrance with Nan and Pop and just lots of hanging out with our mates.

Because I had stuff on at work, my hubby took the kids away on his own with a group of friends (second year in a row this has happened, it cannot be the start of a trend. I am determined). They packed up the caravan and headed off to Narooma, on the South Coast in NSW.

I've been getting some photos through Facebook and text messaged. TG for good neighbours! If it was up to hubby I would get no photos or even a call every day. Shame on him for leaving me out of the fun.

They are with a group including neighbours and work colleagues, so there is a possie to organise each day when it comes to deciding what to do, but my gang are pretty flexible and easy going so happy to go with the flow.

When I spoke with the kids, there was a lot of happy conversation about what they had done that day and what Dad had made for dinner. Lots of time spent at the beach, or on the inflatables behind the boat, and Dad was living up to expectations with great dinners every night. Minimal fights were had by all.

How lucky am I that my husband doesn't mind taking the holidays on his own. He is a real trooper because I know they are probably driving him crazy every chance they get, and probably not helping him do anything either. Lazy sods.

They are home now, tanned up and relaxed. A little sunburnt but I think thats par for the course on a summer holiday. Lucky them, now its time to start counting down for our cruise in September. Only 200 and something days to go... Off to bed now, they are already there. Too tired with all the sun and fun times! 

We're all going on a summer holiday, no more worries for a week or two. Aaaaahhhh, this is the life.


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