Lights, camera, action!

Good evening!

This week has been a busy one at work, we have been filming a new TV ad. Not that I actually do any filming, but this is my ads because they are for the brand I look after, Steggles. Heard of Steggles? We produce really great quality Australian chicken and also turkey. 

These cool new ads are for turkey. Turkey is interesting in Australia. We love to eat it at Christmas and on our sandwiches but don't really think about it as an option for tea on a regular basis. Unlike America, where it dominates the menu in the same way chicken does in Australia. Go figure. For a nation that loooooves huge meals and lots of fried foods, they absolutely love their turkey which is very nutritious and lean. I think these tributes are a free bonus, they don't actually care about low fat or nutrition, they just love the taste and tradition of it. Well maybe the low fat in turkey bacon.

So I actively encourage Australians to eat more turkey by doing advertising and other things to get it onto the menu plan. These new ads talk about enjoying turkey for dinner at times other than Christmas.

So how good is my life?! Felt a bit pretentious saying to my sister, 'sorry, can't make that. will be making my new TV commercial'.  But on the downside, life is very busy. First is creative presentation, then feedback, then presenting revised creative internally for approval, then budget approval, then pre-production, then wardrobe and talent approval (we use our own staff, its very real and down to earth), then the ad production, then first edit, final edit, soundtrack, station approval and on air (breathe now, hang on, not yet). Then, present finished ads internally, organise supporting media including social media and events / activations, then respond to consumer feedback. Then the campaign finishes and you wait till it runs on air again.

Despite the crazy times around producing and launching a new TV ad, its a pretty cool feeling when its on air and you know that you played a part in getting it there. We have a great ad which is all about a family picnic (again, our staff) and I love stopping to watch it every time it comes on air. In fact, I love every time any of our ads go on air. I love our staff that are in them (and know most of them personally from the TV shoots) and feel pretty proud of the work.

And does it do the job it was designed to do? Family picnic did, increasing consumer loyalty to the brand and other measures, and I'll let you know about turkey in a few weeks time.

You've just got to be a Steggler for quality. And we are.

If you've seen any of the ads, let me know what you think of them. Laurel


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