USA Prom Queen!

We have just stopped screaming in our house. Bethany received a call from the organising committee that she has gotten a place in this years exchange student program, and is understandably super excited!

This is the the lovely Bethany, 15 (well nearly 16) and off to USA on her own!

Some of Bethany's friends went last year and talked it up, so she decided to apply this year. Its her last chance, they don't accept students in year 12 for the program. There was a choice of Japan or America but Bett didn't feel comfortable with Japan so decided to stick with USA. Can you believe they go for a whole month, in September. Plus, apparently its prom season then, so she might even get the chance to go to an American prom, or join the Glee club. So many possibilities!

We've been writing applications, doing meet and greets and now today was presentation day. Bethany wrote her speech and it was pretty good (we only added a little bit, Dad said, tell them we go to Bilpin to buy our apples in winter! Yep, thats what won them over.) She was shaking when she presented but had practiced a lot so it went well. They choose quickly too, we had a call a few hours later to give her the news. Then the screaming and dancing started!

Bethany is only 15 so this is something we thought about a lot before letting her apply. To be honest, I think I will miss her more than she will miss me. To help me get over the fact she won't be around, we have booked a cruise for the 3 of us while she is away. Now this could be considered irresponsible but I have a lot of faith in both Bett and the organisers to take good care of her.

The value add in all of this? We get to have a student from America come and stay with us for a month in July (did I mention she will be away in Sept for a whole month? it's a long time!). Hoping that Ben will behave himself, and that Craig doesn't swear too much! Oh well, it's the Aussie way of life.

How good is life. So proud that our kids have these opportunities and live such a good life. But I'm going to miss my princess very much. Heeeeellloooo America!

Would you let your kids travel overseas for such a long time without you?


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