Working Weekend

Last weekend, Craigo had the weekend off. Its not a regular occurrence so we would normally go out and do things but he had to go back to work on Sunday pm so this was a rare stay at home weekend.

There is always plenty to do. When you work full time, some things get brushed to the side until there's more time. But that extra time never seems to come!! Which means there are lots of little hidey holes around the house filled with junk or just filled. You know the ones I mean. Its the dresser draw or the bottom drawer in the kitchen, spare bedroom wardrobes, laundry cupboards, under the kitchen sink or bathroom cupboards.

For me, its my wardrobe and the pantry. There are plenty of others, sure, but these are the dire situation ones. Last time mum came over we were having a party. My bedroom was a disgusting pigsty so she jut threw everything in my wardrobe and its stayed there ever since. Its carrying a load including the suitcase from the last cruise, the bag from Melbournes tennis trip plus a couple of laundry baskets of clothes (and thats just the start). As you can see, its a task of gigantasourus proportions, so didn't do that one! There's always another weekend.

Note, this very good looking pantry is the polar opposite of mine. I predict a housekeeper is in charge of this one.

I picked the pantry. A description would be good here. Its a walk in room of pretty good proportions. There are L-shaped shelves to the ceiling, and it stocks everything from food to appliances. But there was things stacked on the floor in the corner as well as a bit of a mess on the shelves. So I grabbed a chair and a garbage bag and started. 3 bags of out of date food later, and we were on our way. Ben (who is super tall) helped clean up the top shelves of appliances so we could pack away some party stuff that had been bought for my MIL's 70th birthday but not used (maybe one day, its so pretty!), tidied up everything so its easier to reach, and chucked anything remotely out of date. BTW, do you know how hard it is to find UBD's on some stuff? Had to get the kids to help! In the end, we made room for a whole shelf of baking things. Bring on the cupcakes! and icing. and decorations...

Now we have a nice and tidy pantry. Well mostly, there's still a bunch of old paperwork, but at least its tidy.

Bethany contributed by cleaning up her wardrobe, throwing away at least 8 bags of clothes to the goodwill bin. Just one word. Spoilt.

Ben got involved too. He pulled everything out of his wardrobe and display unit, and put it on the floor of his bedroom. It's still  there.

Who knows when the next free weekend will be. But its my vow to take on the wardrobe, wish me luck. What's your 'leave for a rainy day' project? Would love to hear some support on this - validation 101!!

Time for bed now, work again tomorrow. And so it is.


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